A few of my favourites…


Reax chains

Reax chains are the first dynamically unpredictable weight, they are composed of flexible and adjustable rings giving them huge versatility. They are able to mimic moves like a dumbbell, kettlebell and core bag. Having been awarded the innovation of 2017 for fitness equipment I can assure you this provides a truly great workout with bags of fun!


RMT Club

The RMT Club is a form of Indian club with a shifting weight at the head. It works by integrating your rotational movement patterns helping to improve specific movement patterns, full body movements, high intensity movements and skill-based movements. The truly unique design allows you to unify your body’s movement patterns further improving your strength, balance and mobility all in one. The list of exercises able to be performed with the RMT club is endless ensuring it covers your goals.


Titan bags

The ultimate multi-functional weighted bag. Unlike traditional weighted sandbags the titan bags come with extensive grip options including extendable handles, this allowing for incredible versatility of exercises. On top of this the bag contains a strong but soft outer shell filled with sand and steel shot making it easier to complete movements in every direction more effectively. This in turn generates greater workouts with transferable results to your daily life!